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Something Stronger Than Our Ideals

I read an article today someone sent me, hoping to help me in my goal setting. It was primarily about focusing on the wrong things. To credit my friend, I do lose focus of my Vision and look at my past failure instead of my actual growth.
However, I am going to change the vernacular to be more within my beliefs, and my perception of the article, instead of just psychological theory. Your VISION (or ideal, as the author said it) is a perceived destination, and your goal is how you plan to get there. My example is that your VISION is like graduating a grade in school and the goals are the classes, homework, and tests you succeed at to get there.So, your VISION, or ideal, is the source for the structure of your goals. That is why we should measure our growth by successfully achieving our goals and not what we perceive as the success of completing the VISION.Your VISION changes as you grow and your goals should change with it.So, your VISION is intended to produce confidence, and confidence…

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